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The Legendary Ten Seconds started off as the solo music project of Ian Churchward in 2004 during the time when he was the lead guitar player of The Morrisons who were featured on John Peel's Radio One show back in 1987. When Ian started recording as the Legendary Ten Seconds he was also playing guitar for a ceilidh band called Phoenix. In 2013 Lord Zarquon joined Ian's music project and since then the line up has gradually expanded and various guest musicians and vocalists have helped out in the recording studio. These have included the backing vocals of Camilla Joyce and the lead guitar of Rob Bright. The most recent musician to join the project is Jay Brown who has helped to compose and record a song called the Time Stream. The sounds of the Mellotron feature quite significantly in the recordings.

Most notably The Legendary Ten Seconds have recorded many critically acclaimed English folk rock albums which chronicle the Wars of the Roses and the life and times of Richard III in England during the late fifteenth century. The albums are available on Amazon and itunes and the band have donated money to a scoliosis charity from some of the income generated from the sale of their music. The CD versions of the albums are available via the Richard III Society in the UK.

In 2018 the band recorded the Mer de Mort album which was commissioned by the Mortimer History Society to commemorate the Society's tenth anniversary. It is a historically accurate album of songs which tells the story of the significantly important Mortimer medieval family from their roots in Normandy prior to the battle of Hastings and into the 15th century. The album includes historical narratives read by the actor John Challis ( Boycie in Only Fools and Horses ) who was the patron of the Mortimer History Society. The Legendary Ten Seconds have also recorded a comedy song about the Mortimers with John Challis speaking as Boycie.

2019 saw the release of four albums, Devon Roses, History Book Part One. Instrumental Legends and Thrilling Blunder Stories. The Devon Roses album features the lead vocals of the lady singers of the Legendary Ten Seconds, Bridgit England, Pippa West, Jules Jones and Ian's wife Elaine.

In February 2020 the History Book Part Two album was completed and this was followed by The Acoustic Almanac, Amazing Songs and the Pageant of Torbay Part One albums. This last album contains songs which explore the rich and varied history of Torbay. For instance The Billy Ruffian is about when Napoleon Bonaparte was held as a prisoner on board HMS Bellerophon while at anchor in Torbay. Additionally a new version of the first Richard III album was released in digital format via Circle of Spears Productions. The new version of the album features fictional narratives written by Sandra Heath Wilson. The narratives are read by Sandra and Ian's wife Elaine, in the form of an exchange of letters between Richard III's mother and his sister Margaret.

There were three new albums that were released by The Legendary Ten Seconds in 2021. These are the Pageant of Torbay Part Two, Semi Acoustic Almanac and a concept album of songs about Devon. The Songs About Devon album is in the format of a Torquay radio show with jingles recorded by the band and introductions by Riviera FM's Peter Cartwright.

The latest album is called the Musical Almanac with a release date of March 2022.

The band have performed several concerts for the Richard III Society including one for the USA branch in Denver. Ian Churchward has also published a book about the music of The Legendary Ten Seconds which is called Songs About Richard III and is available from Amazon.

Review by Kim Harten of Bliss Aquamarine

THE LEGENDARY TEN SECONDS Introducing... CDR (Golden Pathway)
The Legendary Ten Seconds is one of several bands featuring Ian Churchward (the others including old-school indiepoppers The Morrisons, and traditional English country dance band Phoenix). The Legendary Ten Seconds make jangly indiepop straight out of the late 80s. Like many examples of this genre, the happy-go-lucky melodies and arrangements often mask a melancholic mood, as seen in lyrics like "It's a beautiful day but I want to cry/Inside my thoughts turn to cloudy skies". This is real authentic old-school indiepop, made by someone who was involved in the scene the first time around (The Morrisons were originally formed in the 80s, and reformed in more recent years). The last track, Medieval Garage, shows a very different side to The Legendary Ten Seconds, and it is this side of the band I tend to prefer, having moved away from indiepop over the last decade or so, in favour of modern interpretations of folk and medieval music. This track is fantastic medieval/Renaissance inspired folk-rock, much in the vein of Philip Pickett and Richard Thompson's The Bones of All Men album, which incidentally I rate very highly. 

Review of Podtastic by Blissaquamarine

THE LEGENDARY TEN SECONDS Podtastic CD (The Golden Pathway)
The Legendary Ten Seconds is the other band of Ian Churchward of The Morrisons. This album also features appearances from The Morrisons' Phil Andrews and Elaine Churchward. The Legendary Ten Seconds share The Morrisons' jangly indiepop approach to a certain extent, but they add to that large helpings of traditional-style English folk music, psych-folk-rock, and Tudor-inspired melodies played in psych-rock or folk-rock style. There's also Can't Live Without You, a 60s pop meets blues number with wailing harmonica. Some of the songs are romantic and/or happy-go-lucky, but the band are also unafraid to touch on more serious issues, such as I'm So Rich, a piece of wry social commentary that aims its ire at those who are rolling in cash but too selfish to give anything more than a token few quid to charity.
Basically The Legendary Ten Seconds are updating folk music for the modern era, combining traditional musical motifs with modern lyrical concerns (such as references to modern technologies such as cars, credit cards and the internet, and colloquialisms such as 'chill out' and 'cool'), as well as musical styles with their origins in the 20th century, such as psych and indiepop. The music is eclectic yet coherent, and is very listenable. The 'Pod' bit in the title refers to podcasts; the songs here all appear to have been recorded specifically for podcasts and radio shows, and each one includes a jingle promoting the show at the end. Available from

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